linda pino personal alchemy

& hypnotherapy

linda pino personal alchemy

& hypnotherapy


Take a journey into your subconscious mind, excavating, exploring and releasing the root cause of unwanted habits, emotions and inner limitations. This life-changing inner work helps us loosen rigidity in our system and open to our greatest potential. Linda utilizes a variety of hypnotic techniques to support you and your expansion, including hypnotic programing, eye movement therapy, childhood regression, past-life regression and breathwork.

Childhood Regression

We were all raised by imperfect parents or caregivers. Our young, sensitive selves inevitably experienced painful mis-attunement, absorbed wrong thinking and suffered traumas. In each case, our younger selves came to conclusions and made certain decisions that we continue to carry with us. Therein lies the root cause for many adaptive strategies, limiting beliefs, unwanted habits and confirming life experiences. Childhood regression sessions provide relief and reprogramming to our inner child and transform external manifestations, which are a reflection of our inner state.

Past-Life Regression

Each of us is on a unique soul path, that unfolds from lifetime to lifetime. We carry psychological, emotional and spiritual wounding from our past lives into this one. Past-life regression sessions can loosen and untie karmic knots from other lifetimes, freeing us up to live this life fully, free and clear from the past.


Some people have a harder time accessing their subconscious. And, we all have content that resides in the deepest spaces within that are harder to access. For this, breathwork provides a solution. Experience the remarkable phenomenon of breathwork sessions and break through concretized aspects of your psyche and inner emotional state.

Hypnotherapy Sessions are effective remotely. Session duration 2+ hours. $333.

Bundle pricing available.


The Enneagram is a unique and highly effective map for human transformation based on 9 main personality types and 27 subtypes. The Enneagram helps us understand why we do what we do by uncovering our unconscious motivations and our automatic ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Gaining understanding of the specifics of our personality type enables us to uncover our inner workings and to transcend our limitations. The Enneagram is a powerful and efficient tool for self-understanding, personal growth and improved understanding of others.

Typing Interview

Gain insights into the complex structure of your individual ego by discovering your Enneagram type. Linda deploys her unique typing skills and expertise during this enlightening and comprehensive typing interview. Begin or invigorate your inner work journey by gaining clarity on and an introduction to your type.

Session duration: 2 hours. $333.

Enneagram Guidance & Mentoring

Engage in ongoing sessions with Linda to learn more details of your individual ego structure, including insights on type, subtype and instinctual sequence. Learn how to self-observe your ego and acquire valuable techniques on how to loosen its grip. Gain more flexibility and freedom within yourself and in life, improve your relationships and access greater life force.

Session duration: 1 hour. $200.

I am a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and an Enneagram Teacher, Mentor & Guide. I am not a therapist, mental health professional or licensed medical doctor. Work on pain or diagnosed mental or physical conditions requires a referral from the treating medical doctor, dentist or mental health professional. If you are seeking support for a condition for which you are under the care of a medical professional, please request a written referral from your provider for hypnotic support relating to your pain or diagnosis. Hypnotherapy and Enneagram services provided are non-therapeutic and should not take the place of professional medical or psychological care and should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment of any condition.

Client reviews

Every time I work with Linda, I come away with a sense of peace and comfort. She truly understands me and what I’m going through, and I feel her love, care, compassion, and intention for my highest good each time we talk. Linda is kind and gentle, yet strong and wise, and I truly feel like I am being lifted up and supported each time I work with her.

- Lori B.

One of the many things that I appreciate about Linda is how she offers practical ways to grow and evolve for your specific type. She is clear, articulate and down to earth making the enneagram accessible and relatable to wherever you are on the path. She sees all of the possibilities for you to grow into your best self and provides a map step-by-step to just that.

- Carly C.

I feel blessed and indelibly transformed as a result of my healing work with Linda. She provides a potent presence and powerful attunement as she masterfully weaves her special blend of enneagram wisdom with expert hypnotic facilitation. Her offerings are a true gift for anyone ready to go deeper.

- Julie H.

A transformative journey with Linda Pino - an Enneagram maestro

What sets Linda apart is not just her profound knowledge but also her innate ability to make learning a truly enjoyable experience. Her sessions are infused with a delightful blend of warmth, humor, and genuine passion for the Enneagram. Linda creates a safe and supportive environment, allowing her clients to delve into the depths of their personalities with courage and curiosity. Linda's style is both empowering and compassionate. She has a remarkable talent for uncovering the nuances of each Enneagram type, helping her clients navigate their unique paths of self-discovery.

Linda is not just a highly skilled Enneagram teacher and (guide); she is a transformative force for those fortunate enough to work with her. If you are seeking a knowledgeable, fun, and deeply insightful guide on your Enneagram journey, look no further. Her impact is nothing short of life-changing, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone ready to embark on a journey of self discovery and growth.

- Christine S.


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